William Bock’s Children Books

Ford is a young man who is self absorbed and often distracted by his own beautiful hair. He finds his world turned upside down after a chance encounter with the Nasty Hair Eating Comb. Embarking upon a quest with Douglas the combs inventor, the two set out to attempt to change their circumstances and to save others from similar fates.This book is a unique adventure story with diverse characters dealing with issues of self esteem, acceptance of one’s appearance and learning that people of all ages sometimes struggle to accept themselves as who they are.Invention, robotics and a surprising animated character engage any adventure lover who appreciates the thrill of the chase and unique characters.

Life on the reef for James the clam is getting dull. Tired of his inability to swim fast, or see beyond the nearby coral; he longs for adventure. When he meets a friendly sea turtle he jumps at the opportunity to hitch a ride and experience what lies beyond his horizons. The journey takes inspiring as well as hazardous twists; leaving James at a crossroads of danger and self realization. This story promotes the understanding that our limitations are not the handicaps that we might believe. Its message to live life to the best of one’s abilities is often more than enough to learn to be happy.

An adventurous cat embarks on a search for a dance partner, but she encounters a problem. She loves to dance at night when most animals are sleeping. She gets advice from a nocturnal friend which leads to a positive outcome. This story embraces creativity and individuality. Pursuing your interests is worth working through the challenges you may encounter along the way.